PPF Age Limit- Know Minimum & Maximum Age for PPF Eligibility

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Before opening the Public Provident Fund account, the investors should know the PPF age limit and other eligibility criteria to know whether they can open the PPF account or not.

There is no PPF age limit for anyone to open a PPF account. Even minors below the age of 18 can also open their PPF account, but such account should be operated by his/her parent or guardian till he/she reaches the age of 18. Thereafter, he/she can legally operate his/her PPF account.

What is the Maximum Age Limit for PPF Account Opening?

There is no minimum and maximum age limit for opening a PPF account.

According to the PPF account age limit, if parents want to open a PPF account for their minor child who has not yet turned 18 years, then, they can open a PPF account in the child’s name. the account will have to be operated by the parent or the guardian till the minor turns 18. The account will have to be operated by the parent or the guardian till the minor turns 18.

How to open a PPF account for minors?

The PPF account for minors can be easily opened in any bank (like SBI, HDFC, ICICI etc) by following the simple steps given below:

  • Visit the official website of the bank in which the investor wants to open the minor PPF account.
  • On the website, log in to the net banking portal using the User ID and password.
  • Under the accounts section, click on the “PPF Account” option.
  • On the redirected portal of the PPF account, select the option of “PPF account for minors”.
  • It will redirect to the opening page of PPF Minor’s account.
  • Fill in all the necessary details like
    • Minor’s Name
    • Address
    • Minor’s age
    • Guardian’s Name
    • Mobile number etc.
  • Thereafter, submit the required documents of both the minor and the guardian.
  • Click on “Submit” and the PPF Minor’s account will be opened.

Advantages of opening PPF account at an early age

It is advised that the minors should also open their PPF account as it is one of the safest investment plans in India with decent returns and no PPF age limit to open the account.

Starting an investment from an early age can benefit, both the guardian as well as the minor. Investing money in the name of the child can secure his/her future. This invested money in PPF can be used by the child for his/her higher education and career. 

Also, the minor start getting the knowledge of how investments and compounding work. At current times financial education is very important for every child to learn. Thus, being free of any PPF age limit can teach the minor how money and investments work. This can promote the overall development of the child.

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When can a minor operate his/her PPF account?

If a minor opens his/her PPF account, that account will be operated by his/her parents. After he/she reaches 18 years of age, then he/she can legally operate his/her PPF account balance and it no longer comes under the guardian.

What is the maximum age limit for PPF account?

There is no PPF maximum age limit for opening an account. Both senior citizens and minors are allowed to open a PPF account. Senior citizens can operate their accounts on their own, whereas, minors need to be under the guidance of the guardian.

Can a senior citizen open PPF account?

Yes, senior citizen open PPF Account in their name as there is no maximum PPF age limit. Some people also ask that ‘Can I open PPF account after 60 years old’. They should know that PPF account can also be opened after 60 years of age.

Who is eligible for PPF?

An Indian citizen who is an individual and above 18 years of age is eligible for opening an PPF Account in their own name. One person can open only one PPF Account across the country.

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