6 Benefits of Being KVPY Scholar

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Benefits of Being KVPY Scholar – Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore conducts KVPY which is a national level admission cum scholarship test. There are a lot of selecting for KVPY scholarship.

Students are selected for KVPY scholarship, based on one-level examination. All the students who have Science stream in Class 11, 12 and interested in research in science should definitely appear in the KVPY exam.

What are the benefits of being KVPY Scholar?

Passing the KVPY exam has lots of advantages which will definitely help the candidate in his future.

1. Academic help

Most of the students who appear for KVPY exams are aspirants of either JEE or NEET examination, thus giving KVPY can be of a great help to the preparation of any of this competitive examination. The syllabus for both of these exams is mostly the same. So, by giving KVPY, students can have an idea of how a national level paper is given and what is the environment inside the examination centre.

2. KVPY Scholarships

Students who qualify the KVPY examination get the KVPY Scholarship money for their undergraduate courses if they pursue any basic science course. IISc offers Rs 5000 per month for the first three years of the course and Rs 7000 per month for every further year. Along with monthly scholarships, they also give a sum of Rs 20,000 annually for the first three years and Rs 28000 for every following year.

This scholarship amount can be great for students who wish to make their career in the research field but they are unable to afford high fees of big research colleges. So, this monetary help can give relief to a majority of students.

3. Admission to IISc

IISc is the biggest research college of India and getting admission in it through regular means is very difficult as cut off goes too high due to limited seats. But if a student achieves good rank in KVPY, then he/she can pass the traditional way of aptitude test and can directly sit for the interview round. 

Thus, students who aspire to study in IISc should give KVPY and score a good rank to get easier admission in the best research college of India.

4. Advantage to CV

This is main among the Benefits of Being KVPY Scholar. Being a KVPY Scholar can increase the weightage of student’s CV as KVPY is a national level examination and it shows the student’s competency, thus they can get more advantage during job interview than their fellow candidates.

5. Research Opportunities and Networking

Each and every student who qualifies KVPY and take admission in basic science course has to do one research-based project under a scientist which is of great benefits in overall development of the student. It also motivates the student to do projects on their own and diversify their network.

In these colleges, students interact with many students with the same mindset who want to pursue their career in the field of science and thus, they get a friend circle who have the same goal.

6. Vijyoshi Camp

Along with all the above Benefits of Being KVPY Scholar, IISc also conducts a Vijyoshi camp for all KVPY scholars where they meet other scholars and some of the great scientists. They teach them more about research based things and how they should pursue their career in this field.

This camp can give great experience where candidates can talk to their mentors and ask questions which will help them in their overall development.

  1. Am I eligible to get IISc admission after clearing KVPY exam?

    Students who clear the KVPY exam will be eligible to get KVPY Scholarship, but, in order to get IISc admission, students should have a good rank. If a student comes in top 200 ranks, then, there is a good chance of getting easier admission to IISc.

  2. Can we get KVPY Scholarship if we take admission in a B.Tech course?

    No, KVPY Scholarship is not valid in B.Tech, only students who pursue any science based undergraduate course will be able to get the IISc KVPY scholarship.

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